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10 may. 2011


I want to write this post in English, I'm tired of Spanish, I'm tired, most of the things bore me, I'm really tired. I think that I've used all the words that can explain my personality in Spanish, so now, I use this language.

Even doing so, I'm not filled at all, I feel how I miss something, something that must be pretty important for me since I'm strange without it.. worst part is that I don't know what is it, or who is it. I've changed, that's sure, I'm not the same as before, I'm not the same person, now I'm just worse. Most of the people tires me, I'm always a douche with them, even with those that I love and I don't care about it. I've been always a loner but I never damaged people who used to be in my hearth and now, somehow and suddenly, I don't care... What's happening to me? This is weird and I can't explain it.

I've to met new people, I've to learn new things to say that a day was complete, otherwise It's just another fucking day in my stupid boring life. Why I need all those things to life happy? I thought that I was one of those who don't need hundreds of things to smile and be happy, nor I do right now, if my friends are alright, I'm happy, I enjoy my time with them but afterwards or sometimes, even being with them, I get tired of their comments and I want to talk with somebody else who's completely different.

However, I'm tired of this -me-, I want to be the old fag who was all the time chilling with his friends, caring about them and about their problems and not creating them like now. Holy shit, I need summer time, I need a break, I need talk with people who is far away from where I life and laugh with them, I want to lay on the hot sand and then play with my friends in water. I want to have another of those summer-loves and after that be fucked by the lost relationship and then be happy again thank to my friends.


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