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14 may. 2011

Just smile.

Even in my last gasp of air, I would still have my friends there, I wouldn't care about all the people who tried to harm me or all those who always want me down, I am just going to stay with my head high thanks to all that people who is behind me and helps me.

However, this post is going about how a music style can write your story, I mean, I could explain my whole life with some Rock 'n' Roll, you know... nah, this post is not going to be about music or all that things, I want to write about whatever I want, who would complain? I don't really care, I just wanna write the words that are flowing along my mind thanks to the music, thanks to Extremoduro, god, I couldn't ever think that four oldies could make me so happy and more when the old friends are there too. Puff, I cannot be sad, I must be happy, everything is alright so I shouldn't think so much, but If I don't, I'm not going to be the same stupid guy from this stupid place full of more stupid people and some of them are.. yeah, my friends. Friends Friends Friends.. I could repeat that word thousands of times and I wouldn't get tired, something that you can achieve when your friends are like the most important thing for you with some familiars and your pet. ;)

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  1. Fran,me encanta tu blog,te sigo.
    Pásate si quieres:
    -un beso!